VULCAN 10 Review

Power and performance

Vulcan 10 will deliver additional support for multi-threaded processors for up to 10 times better performance over Vulcan 9.1.

A new Vulcan 10 block scripting engine processes larger scripts and completes the calculations 10 to 1000 times faster than previous versions. Block slicing has received a speed upgrade, running 3 to 5 times faster in Vulcan 10.

Implicit modelling speed is also increased. Many calculations can carried out on a GPU for accelerated computation, or with a CPU estimation process optimised for implicit modelling. The new accelerated code also supports trend models.

GPU acceleration in grade estimation tools allows estimations for some parameters to be completed faster than previously possible.

Block model attribute importing uses an intelligent process to assign values into block models several times faster.

Vulcan 10 also features a new threaded sequential Gaussian simulation module which effectively uses modern multi-core CPUs to accelerate simulations.

We have opened Vulcan Training on November 2016 with the package class :

Geological Class + Mine Design OC for Ore / Coal and Engineering Class for Ore / Coal.

You can choose the package class that suit with your job requirement.

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